I am only really good at a few things
So I can admit, my eclairs are delightful.

The preparation feels like a cross between
Alchemy and witchcraft
Butter, flour, and eggs mixed–just so, in water
Water vaporizes and viola

Whip cream colloidal filling is no less miraculous
The mixing of air and sugar with calf nectar.

Chocolate drizzle.

Some may call a chemistry teacher blasphemous
To admit this, but the older I get
The more magical this world appears.


Hundreds of hushed secrets
Shake, dance, quiver, rustle
Caught between several soft
Staccato drumbeats and a single
Brook of water washing a cavern
Of shining, slippery stones
Wind whispering with your leaves
Is my favorite lullaby.

Romanticizing Nature

Natives named them
“Ears of the earth”
The purple-blue petals
Putting on alluring armor
Pushing, through frosty soil

Angelic hairs around each
Perfectly freckled flower
Resemble those of cats or deer
It isn’t entirely unbelievable
That flowers listen to the wind
For a rustle of summer
Or something…
Perhaps the hum
Of a pollinator

The ripping cold winds
Encourage delicate heads to
Pull protective petals inward
Pasques are amongst
The first to risk
Remnants of winter

Now they are opening, offering
Sacred parts to pollination
To something like love.


Will I ever forget
Shoveling manure
Into grandma’s garden
Tying parallel strings
Scooping out soil in
Careful, straight lines

Mother placed an envelope
Containing corn kernels
In small skeptical hands
That hovered over soil
While worries blurred
Through my brain
Eyes stared in disbelief
At shriveled seeds and soil
Agonizing as gentle fingers
Pushed improbable purple triads
One point five inches underground
Too deep to feel sun?
Will shallow waters
Wash them away?
What about distance
From the ditch?
Can seedlings grow
Upside down or
How long before
They discover my
I faked nonchalant
Indifference to mask
My fears as
Each day passed
And I noted my new
Born row
Until at last
Joy burst through
Soil in
Bright green leaves


It’s a Gas

Enveloping Earth
Entering, exiting 
Every living being

Tree, termite
Moss, mudskipper
Each of us inhaling
One another’s other’s air
Connecting like an
Invisible tonic,
Try, but you 
Cannot forget
For more than 
A couple minutes
We need one another
Like we need to breathe